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How Often You Should Be Cleaning Your Carpets

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The Importance of Carpet Maintenance

Your carpet is an extension of your home, it’s an important factor in overall cleanliness and health of your living environment. What many property owners in Brownstown, MI don’t know about carpets is that they attract dirt and dust in your home or business. Not only can your carpet collect up dirt and particles of dust, but also unhealthy allergens. Your carpet is a notable investment for your property, and can be costly to replace.

As your carpet cleaning professionals, we recommend having your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months for optimal results and to reduce excessive wear and tear. Our recommendation to clean your carpet is aligned with the majority of carpet manufacturers that advise on having professional carpet cleaners maintain your carpet with a thorough cleaning process that we can provide.

3 DIY Carpet Maintenance Tips

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1. Treat Spots on Your Carpet Immediately

Nothing damages your carpet material quicker than leaving a spill to sit on your carpet. If you spill something on your carpet, you’ll want to absorb as much of the liquid as quickly as possible. Different spills like coffee or sticky substances require different treatment options, so treat the spot accordingly.

2. Vacuum Your Carpet Weekly

High traffic locations require a higher frequency in vacuuming than lower traffic areas like under your recliner. It’s advised to vacuum your carpets once a week at minimum. With a routine vacuuming schedule in place, you can be certain to keep particles of dry soil at bay. The problem with dry soil is that it’s abrasive, and damages carpet slowly over time. With a routine vacuum schedule, you add years onto your carpet life.

3. Lay Down Mats - Add a "No Shoe" Policy

Not only can dried up soil cause damage to your carpet, but so can a wet, muddy pair of shoes (boots). To reduce the risk of dirtying up your carpet is to add mats to your exterior/interior doorways, and if possible enforce a “No Shoe” policy.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

As a property owner, we’ve discussed a few easy tips for carpet maintenance. In addition, we stressed that in order to protect your investment, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is a MUST. Yes, maintaining your carpet on your own can reduce, but not eliminate the need for a carpet cleaner service. For that shiny clean feeling in your home, we recommend Brownstown homeowners schedule a residential cleaning once a year, at minimum. For commercial carpets, we recommend a more frequent cleaning schedule.

3 Reasons to Call a Professional Carpet Cleaner

We’ve stressed the importance of maintaining a carpet cleaning schedule above. But, there are off schedule scenarios where you’ll want to get a professional carpet cleaner to service your property. Here are three scenarios that make sense to get your carpet cleaned sooner than usual:

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1. Purchasing a Home

Buying a house that had previous owners, you’ll want to have your carpets cleaned professionally before moving in. The carpet may have an appearance of clean, but it may be a host for pet stains, dander and dirt build-up living under the surface. A carpet cleaning service can help sanitize deep down into your carpets, to bring back that new, sparkling clean.

2. Selling your Home

We recommend having your carpets cleaned professionally before you have potential buyers looking at your home or business. This can help improve the chances of a potential buyer make a decision to purchase quicker.

3. Pets in your Home

If you have animals in your home, they can track-in dirt and mud from outside. In addition, cats and dogs can leave behind odor, dander, urine and feces. Yes, there are many “at home” tricks for situations like this, but the solution for this is to hire a carpet cleaning company. The difference? Home remedies don’t comprehend different carpet material needs and rental cleaning equipment isn’t powerful enough to dig down deep into the fabrics.

Cleaning your carpet often, matters!

Don’t let your carpet go without regular maintenance or a yearly professional cleaning. If you’re a Brownstown, MI homeowner or in the surrounding Downriver area like Woodhaven or Flat Rock, we can help bring back that clean feeling to your home. Call us today, 734-821-6667 and get a FREE estimate for carpet cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular cleaning every 12-18 months helps maintain the aesthetic and health quality of your carpet. Not only does this periodical cleaning remove accumulated dirt, dust, and allergens, but it also aligns with the advice of many carpet manufacturers, ensuring the longevity and appearance of the carpet.

Immediate treatment of spills prevents the substance from seeping deep into the carpet fibers and causing permanent stains. Different substances can react with the carpet materials in different ways, potentially causing discoloration, odors, or damage. Acting quickly can prevent long-term damage and the need for professional treatments.

Weekly vacuuming removes dry soil and dust particles that accumulate on the carpet surface. Dry soil is abrasive and, when embedded, can wear down and damage carpet fibers over time. Regular vacuuming ensures that these particles are removed frequently, adding years to the lifespan of your carpet.

Mats trap most of the dirt, mud, and moisture from shoes, preventing them from reaching the main carpet area. By implementing a “No Shoe” policy indoors, homeowners can further reduce the risk of outdoor contaminants and prolong the cleanliness and lifespan of their carpets.

For sellers, a professionally cleaned carpet enhances the home’s appeal, making it more inviting and increasing the chances of a quicker sale. For buyers, especially of previously owned homes, professional carpet cleaning ensures that the carpet is sanitized, free from potential pet stains, dander, or hidden dirt, providing a fresh and clean start in their new home.

Brownstown Carpet Cleaning
Brownstown Carpet Cleaning

Brownstown Carpet Cleaning is the gold standard for clean floors in Brownstown and beyond. With years of expertise under our belt, we understand the nuances of every carpet fiber and spill. Our dedication isn't just to cleanliness but to educating our community.

Brownstown Carpet Cleaning
Brownstown Carpet Cleaning

Brownstown Carpet Cleaning is the gold standard for clean floors in Brownstown and beyond. With years of expertise under our belt, we understand the nuances of every carpet fiber and spill. Our dedication isn't just to cleanliness but to educating our community.

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