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Your rugs act as decorations to your living or working space. Leave them unattended and they’re a breeding ground for germs and other unhealthy things in your environment. If you want to preserve your rugs for a longer lifespan, keeping them clean, you’ll want to hire a professional rug cleaning services like us!

It’s nearly impossible to prevent your loved ones from tracking in outdoor debris, dirt and germs into your home, especially around Christmas or Thanksgiving holidays. So it’s important to clean your rugs routinely.

As professionals in our industry, we always recommend vacuuming regularly, but we also understand that many of our customers have busy lives and its not quite possible to clean your rugs often for optimal results. This is where our professional Rug Cleaner team can help!

At Brownstown Carpet Cleaners, we have a customized cleaning approach in restoring the “look and feel” of your rugs appearance. Bringing back that rug you fell in love with when you purchased it.

Our expert team of rug cleaners are equipped with state of the art cleaning tools, and approach rugs differently than our competitors in Downriver Michigan. We make sure you get the BEST results and top-notch customer service for the life of your rugs in your living space. Having many years of experience in different rug fabrics, design patterns and color types, we get even the dirtiest of rugs clean.

Whether you fabric type is cotton, wool, jute, or sisal, we’ve got you covered with our best in class rug cleaning service that protect and renews rug quality over time! Call us today for a FREE quote at 734.821.6667.

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Why Choose US for Your Rug Cleaning Needs?

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We are Professional Cleaners

Achieving those perfectly clean rugs is tough to do on your own. Hiring a professional rug cleaner service that understands the different rug material types, you get a team of experts who can properly clean those stubborn to remove stains from your rugs.

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We Protect Your Rugs

At Brownstown Carpet Cleaning, we have a longstanding knowledge in the many different rug types. Which empowers us to take customized approaches to rug cleaning and providing the most optimal results while protecting the quality of your rug fabric.

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Certified Cleaning Equipment

We value your health and that of your family. Thus, we only make use of certified cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that guarantee effective clean and improved fabric life of your rugs without compromising your health.

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