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Upholstery Cleaning Service in Brownstown, MI

Your furniture pieces are made up of various fabric types and materials, which means a customized approach to cleaning that is best left to professional upholstery cleaners.

With so many cleaning service providers around Brownstown, Michigan, we specialize in this area of custom carpet cleaning methods!

Our professional team of highly trained upholster cleaners deliver the best in our industry service that will keep your furniture clean for a longer time. We totally understand the value of your furniture in your living space, and how much you’ve spent in keeping keeping your home cozy and relaxing. So we take pride in delivering exceptional cleaning results that last, and top notch customer service for our customers in Brownstown, Michigan.

We’re at your disposal! With our best in class cleaning services, you can be rest assured that our professional furniture cleaner service will improve the lifespan of your upholstery for the long haul. We take the careful steps necessary to safely clean your upholstered furniture, regardless of the fabric types. Leaving you with that clean, sparkling look to your furniture.

We cover a wide range of fabric types, which include: corduroy, leather, cotton, silk, and velvet. Regardless if you have a love-seat, chairs, curtains, draperies, and other furniture types, we have the right solution, equipment and team available for your upholstery needs. Call us to day for a FREE quote at 734.821.6667.

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Why Choose US for Your Upholstery Cleaning Needs?

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We are Professional Cleaners

Achieving a perfect clean with your upholstery is tough to do on your own. When you hire a professional cleaning service, you get a team of experts who understand upholstered furniture fabrics and how to properly clean down to the smallest particles of dirt and germs.

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We Protect Your Furniture

We're known for going above and beyond with your upholstered furniture, our cleaning services can restore the most stubborn of upholstery to its sparkling best. With our unique cleaning approach, we can help preserve your furniture fabric for a longer lifespan.

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Certified Cleaning Equipment

We value your health and that of your family. Thus, we only make use of certified cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that guarantee effective clean and improved fabric life without compromising your health.

Leave Your Upholstery to the Professionals!